Qbit (bik_top) wrote in ru_fsharp,

Try F#

tryfsharp.org — это аналог tryhaskell.org. «In just a few minutes you can begin learning F# — no registration, log-ins or forms are required.»

«The F# Survival Guide» — аналог «Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!». «We wrote this book to introduce mainstream developers to the world of functional programming through the lens of F#, Microsoft's first fully-supported multi-paradigm language.»

fssnip.net. «This web site allows you to easily share F# source code snippets. It is similar to other Pastebin services, but focuses only on F#. On the other hand, it uses the F# language service to provide colorization and also generates HTML tool tips that show results of background type checking. This makes the F# code significantly more readable.»

(Via Habrahabr.)
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